Our Mission

Our aim is to work with Universities and institutions to improve the conditions in academia for women.

The Team

Sophie Phillips

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I am in my second year of an ESRC funded PhD at The University of Sheffield. My research focuses on the experiences of autistic women at university with particular regard to wellbeing. 


I became involved in this initiative due to my interests in the difficulties in being woman in academia, and the general stereotypes women face in society. I am autistic, which can be a particularly difficult identity to have within feminism, due to society’s perceptions of autism especially in relation to gender. I believe academia can be a space where gender and other intersectionalities can be challenged to strive towards equality. 

Gemma Jackson

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Hi everyone, I’m Gemma, a part-time doctoral researcher in social psychology at the University of Bradford. My PhD project is on social learning spaces on university campuses from the student perspectives and I’m using walking interviews with participant photography. My undergraduate degrees are in Chemistry – such a swerve to social sciences! I’ve also worked at UoB students’ union for the last 6 years. You can reach me on my twitter - @gemseyk

Alex Ricketts

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Alex's PhD is working in partnership with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, looking at the use of social media for community disaster resilience.


Alex is currently the Women's Champion for the ESRC White Rose DTP student forum,

Dareen Assaf

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Dareen's primary research focus is investigating the experiences, opinions and views of Syrian academic faculty members in current or previous leadership roles in relation to female leadership in Higher Education in an effort to understand the barriers that obstruct female academics from achieving career progress, and to understand the enablers that helped those who hold successful executive leadership roles. 


Alice Wilson

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Alice Wilson’s research focuses on the emerging trend of tiny houses in the UK, combining perspectives from sociology, economics, and urban planning. This research analyses housing options through a social justice lens.


Alongside this research, Alice is building her own tiny house. You can track her progress and various injuries here: www.tinyhouseresearch.co.uk and on Instagram here @tiny_house_research_uk


Kristie Wrathall, MA

    A Peace Studies PhD candidate at the University of Bradford, Kristie has a research background in women’s cultural studies, religious violence against women, and is currently working in men’s studies. When she isn’t doing research, she likes to make things out of clay and spend time hanging out with her family on her mom’s little farm in the North-West USA.


    Danielle Beaton

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    Hi all! I am a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield. My research looks at criticism and self-compassion in adults with ADHD — with the aim to advocate for greater acceptance of neurodiversity, both from others and within the self. 

    I am also the Wellbeing Champion for the current WRDTP student forum.


    As a group we are predominantly white women, this is something that needs to change. This group grew organically from the student forum and other areas which are predominantly white, which highlights the lack of diversity within Universities, which needs to change.  While we have tried to ensure that events and resources are as intersectional as possible, there is no alternative for representation. We want to ensure that we are a group which highlights the diversity of experiences and opinions of academia.


    If you identify as a Black, Asian or as a minority ethnicity, disabled or part of the LGBTQ+ community, and would like to get involved please message contact@womeninacademia.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.