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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

It is $15 per member to be featured on the composite for a minimum of 34 members. If your organization has less than 34 members it is $500 to be split amongst the members. For this price each member is receiving an 8x10 copy of the group composite, while the 24x36 composite is No Additional Cost. Members may purchase a digital 8x10 copy of their own individual headshot which includes full editing, and printing rights for $20.

Is there a booking fee?

Yes. Your booking fee goes towards your overall cost of your composite. If you book over a month ahead of time your fee is $200. If you book within a month your fee is $500

If members are absent for the initial shoot day, can they be redone?

Yes, it is $100 per hour to reshoot members who were not able to photograph on the original day, however, it is encouraged that your group find a day that works for everyone, and that all members commit to attending. If I have worked with your group in the past it is possible to add a member's photo from the year before to the current composite. They will however be charged a $25 fee, $10 of which will be donated to your organization's philanthropy. (This charge will not be counted as part of the $500 minimum fee if your group has less than 34 members)

What is the turn around time?

I take 1 month max to work on the composite, however it's not uncommon for Greek orgs to receive their composite within a week! They are also personally delivered to you so it also depends on when you are free to accept.